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I scare me too

First of all...I'm new, so choose to ignore me if you wish.
Secondly...I am a girl, and thus scary.

I scare myself as a girl, I yell and scream and cry for no apparent reason. I get crampy and cranky nearly every day.

One day a small child is going to grow inside me and rip me into shreds (I don't like pain, and resent babies for causing it).

Girls are scary because they can beat on guys, and (any self-respecting) guy can't hit back. Girls are mean and vicious, they like to aim for the softest most vulnerable spot and nail you.

Girls always aim for the genital area when fighting a guy.

Girls don't understand the word no, they keep calling and nagging and writing and wanting to talk to you, even after you say "GO AWAY!!"

I think the world would probably be a better place without girls... but then again, if there were no girls, the world would be overrun with scary scary men.
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