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New female who is TERRIFIED of chicks...

First of all, I DO have friends that are girls. But even the girl friends I have (who I couldn't live without) can't go without bitching or gossiping. I don't hate all girls. I don't wish they would choke on their pizza slices or whatever the fuck girls eat. :P

But they are SCARY. They're catty and are crueler than boys ever will be. They hunt in packs just to track ANOTHER girl and tease her or glare. They break hearts, egos, self-esteem and confidence. If I'm in school, I'd rather be with guys I didn't know than girls. They jump to stereotype you. Guys are in general more laid-back. When girls are mad at you, prepare for hell. Guys I know have been polite about anger. Not girls.

I've been there with girls. Teasing, isolation, sneering, you name it- girls do it.


Thank you for allowing me to rant. ;D

- Mil -
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